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14 August, 2019

Bindiya Sharma

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Pumpkin Seeds, (Without Shell, Roasted & Salted) Pack 200 grams

Pumpkin seeds are a superfood and full of essential nutrients. Wanted to make these a part of my daily diet..Rostaa pumpkin seeds, though expensive are very good quality and I love to use these in my salads or breads or even straight out of the pack!

01 October, 2019

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Arrowhead Mills

Organic Buckwheat Pancake & Waffle mix Pack 737 grams

Recently tried this and was quite happy with the taste as well as the nutrition of this mix, would be good for those trying to avoid wheat.Will soon try out how the waffles are, pancakes came out good.

19 October, 2019

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Beantree Gourmet Food

Pancake Mix Whole-Wheat & Chocolate Box 250 grams

A very healthy wholewheat mix that has a nice chocolate flavour, my kids quite liked these pancakes dunked in milk. Will be trying out their other variants soon as my family enjoys pancakes for breakfast.

19 October, 2019

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Aum Fresh

Chives Flakes Tin 50 grams

Love the taste of chives in my omelette, but find it difficult to get them fresh at all times..thus resorted to using this. Though the fresh flavour is definitely better these dried chives can be used as a convenient alternative.

22 October, 2019

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24 Mantra Organic

Besan Pack 500 grams

Recently started using a lot of Organic mantra products for the simple reason that they are good quality as well as most of them are organically sourced. This besan fulfilled all my requirements of taste and freshness.Though slightly expensive but well worth it!

22 October, 2019

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Green Giant

Asparagus Spears Container 425 grams

Like to keep a tin of these Green giant asparagus spears in my pantry..they are nice and crisp spears that taste good when gently sauteed in butter. Can be easily paired with any roasted meat dish.

22 October, 2019

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Go Earth Organic

Pista Pack 200 grams

Picked these up recently from.the store and was quite impressed with the quality. The pistachios are quite tasty and one can eat them straight out of the bag or use as desired.

22 October, 2019

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Double Chocolate Sundae Dream, Thick & Delicious Plastic Bottle 425 grams

This delightfully thick topping is great on any dessert/ sundae or shakes. It has a nice, rich chocolate flavour. As it is high in sugar I serve it as a special treat only.

22 October, 2019

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By Nature

Chia Seeds Pack 100 grams

Having read about the vast benefits of chia seeds, was keen to include them in my daily diet.This pack of chia seeds by nature was quite good and have been consuming them since past one month. Definitely recommended!

23 October, 2019

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Authentic Basmati Rice Pack 5 kilogram

Have been using this rice since a long time and must say it is very aromatic and long grain. All my guests love the dishes made out of this basmati rice. Its the ideal basmati!

25 October, 2019