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14 August, 2019

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Premium Lightly Salted & Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Pack 200 grams

Earlier my office snacking was always lays, fried peanuts etc. but now I have switched to eating seeds and nuts and have noticed a positive difference in my overall health. Happilo pumpkin seeds are very crisp and fresh and have a light sprinkling of salt , they are great to munch on anytime of the day or to sprinkle on salads.

21 January, 2020

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Grape Juice Tetra Pack 1000 millilitre

Tropicana has become my familys preferred juice brand, my kids love the mixed fruit juice variant. My favourite is however this grape juice which tastes very much like fresh grape juice. They have managed to balance the sweet and sour nicely in this juice.I also like to use it in my cooking or in mocktails.

21 January, 2020

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The Indian Chai

Pure South African Rooibos Pack 100 grams

Was on the lookout for a good Rooibos or red tea, that should be calming and soothing as well. The Indian chai Rooibos is quite nice and refreshing any time of the day. It is antioxidant rich and I prefer it over regular tea.

28 February, 2020

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California Almonds Roasted & Salted Plastic Jar 300 grams

Borges Almonds are really fresh and crisp and my family loves snacking on these. The packaging ensures that the freshness is retained whenever you open the pack. Overall highly recommended.

20 March, 2020

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Easy Life

Pumpkin Seeds Plastic Jar 280 grams

Very well packed fresh pumpkin seeds that are great on smoothies, oats or as a snacking option.The jar makes storage easy and keeps the seeds pest free.

26 March, 2020

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Stevia Dry Leaves (Zero Calories Natural Sweetener) Pack 50 grams

Was looking to stop consuming sugar and start any other natural sweetener for health purposes. Stevia exceeded my expectations as a little goes a long way and perfectly sweetens my cup of tea.

26 March, 2020

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Honey Twigs

Cinnamon Infused Honey Without The Mess Jar 240 grams

Simply love Honey Twings cinnamon infused honey on my morning toast, it keeps me energetic and is also very delicious. I also like to drizzle this honey on my cakes and bakes for a lovely aroma and taste.

30 March, 2020